Eugénio Costa Almeida

2015 Of the An Instrumentality Power to the Mahjong Theory

Of the "An Instrumentality Power" to the "Mahjong Theory"
Theorems and other writings: from blog "Pululu" to the media, Words (not) Loose (Compilations)

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«They are compiled three theories and some how many articles published in various media, with particular emphasis on the Angolan weekly newspaper "Novo Jornal", as well as my blog "Pululu"; as the main actors of studies and analyzes, included in this build, we have as themes: 'Africa', the 'Republic of Angola', 'Geopolitics, Strategy and Security' and 'CPLP and Miscellaneous'. Between the various texts and analyzes are few texts that have been used to discuss Angola, as a socio-political and economic regional power on the rise and its participation as an actor on the international scene, as well, as well as the Republic of Angola with projection capability for beyond national borders and their interpenetration political, military and social, in the African space».

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